MECC Exhibitor Services provides your exhibitors with support during their exhibition preparations. A single service point for organisers, exhibitors and visitors.

Technical support
For light and sound effects that will leave you speechless, MECC Maastricht works with an in-house partner, Houben Souren Verhuur (also responsible for the tech support at all MECC events). Houben Souren Verhuur also offers the following services:

  • Meeting facilities and interpreting services
  • Intercontinental video connections
  • Custom work is also available

Free Wifi for our guests

As a visitor or organiser, MECC Maastricht offers you free WiFi in both the conference centre and exhibition hall complex. To use this service, please complete the following steps:

1. select our free network, MECC_FREE_WIFI in your device settings;
2. click ‘Continue’ to accept the terms and conditions;
the MECC website will automatically open, indicating you are now online.

Our free WiFi network is ideal for sending simple messages and for email traffic. The maximum bandwidth is 2 Mbps per client with a 60-minute idle time. There is no coverage or connection guarantee.

If you would like a more advanced internet connection including higher bandwidth, your own network, a dedicated network for exhibitors and other extras, please contact your project manager. We will be happy to be of assistance.



MECC Maastricht offers this wireless internet facility as a service for its visitors and does not guarantee that the wireless connection is secure, nor that the privacy of users can be protected. Use of this wireless network is entirely at the user’s own risk. MECC Maastricht is not responsible for any loss of information or damage or injury as a result of the use of the wireless connection. We recommend using a VPN if you connect to the internet via public WiFi networks and to regularly change your password.




Latest (event) news, and company news

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