35th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ESRA) in MECC Maastricht

Early September 2016 the 35th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ESRA) will be held in Maastricht, The Netherlands, right at the Belgian and German border. Over 1500 anesthesiologists will participate in one of the largest regional anesthesia meetings in the world. A broad spectrum of regional anesthesia and pain medicine topics will be addressed. More than 150 sessions and over 120 Speakers will share their knowledge and expertise.

Controversial topics will be heavily debated in Pro/Con debates in which the audience casts a vote prior and after the head to head of speakers. Topics included in the Pro/Con Sessions: Postoperative Pain Management: Multimodal pharmacological therapy is the way forward in postoperative management of major surgical procedures, Central Nerve Blocks: LIA is ineffective for total hip arthroplasty, Obstetric: Remifentanil, prior to delivery, should be used in all C-Section patients undergoing general anesthesia at induction of anaesthesia, Chronic Pain Management: Interventional management of chronic pain is the way forward in managing and Peripheral Nerve Blocks: When regional anesthesia is used for breast surgery a paravertebral block is better than a PECS block.

Problem based learning discussions started from actual clinical case scenario’s and explored the various options available based on the input of the audience. Speakers will be heavily challenged in these sessions and we are sure this will result in vigorous but very interesting sessions.

However, Refresher Courses, Symposia and Ask the Expert Sessions will not be forgotten.

The ESRA however, has always been a meeting in which hands-on workshops feature highly. This year even more workshops, cadaver workshops and pediatric sessions are included. Two full halve day workshops (5 hours) are done to allow participants to learn the basic nerve blocks in one long session. Last year, this workshop filled up quickly and received excellent feedback. We also will have live transmissions from the OR in the nearby situated ZOL hospital in Genk, Belgium.

Chronic Pain Management is becoming more and more an important feature of the meeting with an increasing number of sessions dedicated to this topic, focusing more and more on the transition from acute to chronic pain and the mechanisms involved.

Young researchers send in abstracts and compete for best poster and best abstract presentation. The quality of the work presented will be high, as is a classical feature of ESRA! The primary goal of ESRA is to teach regional anesthesia and to make sure practitioners perform safe and effective procedures. To this goal, ten years ago the European Diploma in Regional Anesthesia (EDRA) was started. This year over 250 colleagues will participate.

Prof. Dr. Marc Van de Velde, MD, PhD, EDRA

ESRA Past President

ESRA 2016 Congress Scientific Chair

Chair Department of Anesthesiology, UZLeuven

Professor of Anesthesiology, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, KULeuven

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