First edition of MIF Money Fair & Crypto Currency in MECC Maastricht

The first edition of MIF Money Fair & Crypto Currency will take place in MECC Maastricht from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 December. MIF is the first exhibition worldwide to connect the traditional currency to the crypto currency. 175 exhibitors from 43 different countries will come to MECC Maastricht this weekend to present their collections of gold, silver and classic coins and banknotes. From India there will also be two large crypto blockchain platforms named Bitconnect and DEKADO, to introduce visitors to investing in Bitcoins through lending, mining, trading and staking.

MIF has numerous firsts in store for you, such as an extremely rare 100 guilder banknote from 1914 with a value of no less than € 125,000!

The expectation is that no fewer than 12,000 collectors, investors and traders of coins, precious metals and banknotes from all over the world will visit MECC Maastricht coming weekend. Tickets:

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