MECC Maastricht welcomes over 3,000 scientists fighting obesity in Europe

Maastricht, 15 November 2021 - From 4 to 7 May 2022, Maastricht will be the venue for people dedicated to research on and the fight against obesity and obesity-related complications. Entitled Zoom Forward 22, the 29th edition of the European Congress on Obesity will be held at MECC Maastricht. After previous editions held in cities such as Prague, Gothenburg, Lyon, Liverpool, Istanbul, Dublin, Glasgow and Vienna, the international congress organisers have chosen Maastricht as the destination for their next conference.  The agreement was signed today at the MECC Maastricht studio by Dr Gijs Goossens, obesity researcher and chairman of Zoom Forward 22, Dr Ronald Liem, surgeon and co-chair of Zoom Forward 22, and Charles Beckers, Business Development Manager for MECC Maastricht. More than 3,000 scientists and health care practitioners from Europe and other continents are expected to attend this international obesity congress.

Zoom Forward 22 is an international obesity congress created through a collaboration between the European Association of the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the European chapter of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders (IFSO). Over 3,000 scientists and health care practitioners are expected to attend the fully integrated scientific programme in Maastricht, which will include lectures by leading opinion leaders and various educational workshops. The conference offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness on obesity, not only amongst those living in the Maastricht area, but also throughout the Netherlands, Europe and other parts of the world. The conference organisers also hope to take advantage of the opportunity the conference offers to increase acceptance of obesity as a chronic disease, reduce the stigma surrounding obesity (obesity is not a lifestyle choice) and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Gijs Goossens, obesity researcher and chairman of Zoom Forward 22: “The Netherlands has acquired years of experience and internationally recognised expertise in obesity research, from prevention to the treatment of obesity. Researchers from Maastricht play a leading role in obesity research and are involved in various international committees and activities to promote obesity cooperation, research and education throughout Europe. I am very honoured and delighted to be hosting this important international obesity congress in Maastricht.”

Dr Ronald Liem, surgeon and co-chair of Zoom Forward 22: “Knowledge about the origins, prevention and treatment of obesity is based on high-quality scientific research. It is an issue that deserves a central position in European health care, and researchers and caregivers from Maastricht have been focusing on it for a long time. Maastricht is also perfectly situated in the heart of Europe and boasts a beautiful, brand-new conference centre. The combination of all of these elements is what makes Maastricht the perfect conference destination for Zoom Forward 22.”

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From left to right: Dr. Gijs Goossens - obesity researcher and chairman of Zoom Forward 22, Charles Beckers - Business Development Manager MECC Maastricht, Dr. Ronald Liem - surgeon and co-chair of Zoom Forward 22


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