MECC Maastricht acquires membership from Association of Event Organisers (AEO)

MECC Maastricht has become a member of the Association of Event Organisers Ltd. (AEO). AEO is the voice of the event organising community and serves the collective needs and promotes the interests of event organisers and the industry at large. The newly acquired membership gives the Dutch venue a lot of benefits. With the membership, MECC Maastricht will have access to a network of more than 300 organizers from the UK with a representation of 1,700 trade and consumer events per year of which 700 in the UK and 1,000 outside the UK.

AEO has a rich calendar of events that take place throughout the year including opportunities to learn, share experiences and conduct business. .

“Most international exhibitions are organised from UK. The UK international exhibition industry has a £12 billion economic impact. UK is the place to be when you want to engage with the large organisers from the exhibition industry. This membership is of great value for MECC Maastricht who as a member on its term, has a lot to offer to this highly selected community”, says Oana Cipca, Business Development Manager Exhibitions at MECC Maastricht.

AEO works in partnership with its sister associations on a number of initiatives including research, cross association working groups and lobbying. This enables the event community to come together as one voice, responding to a range of opportunities or issues into which all sides of the industry have an important input.
AEO members have access to the AEO conferences and networking events, like AEO Conference,AEO Excellence Awards, CEO Summit, AEO International Dinners, AEO Marketing, Ops ? and Sales Forums, FaceTime Masterclasses

Business Development Manager Exhibitions Oana Cipca and Commercial Director Frank Mimpen from MECC Maastricht will be present at the AEO Excellence Awards next June and this will be MECC Maastricht’s first participation to an AEO event.


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