Beyond Boundaries,

for positive impact!

At MECC we’re all facilitators

It’s in our DNA to take care of every little detail
Not only for our events
But also for the future
So let’s grow… Together
Not bigger but better
We make conscious choices
Cause every improvement matters
By supporting local initiatives.
We support our environment.
And create positive impact for the next generations.

We take care.

For the future.


The MECC Maastricht story is about a team of people. Our people are the backbone of our sustainability process. A team that acts based on their firm conviction to give more than people expect without losing sight of our environment.

We grow together.

Not bigger but better.


A sustainable venue is our responsibility, and we deliver the next-level experience together.  Together, we set the bar high to achieve the maximum sustainability gains and we make the difference.

We support our environment,

For positive impact.

We generate and support an economic and sustainable spin-off effect for the city and region. Each year, the conferences, trade shows and events held at our venue are attended by thousands of national and international visitors. Our economic impact creates jobs, makes a contribution to the business climate, and adds value for various sectors.

Our supporting facts.


  • We guide clients in their drive to be more sustainable, from start to finish. We offer ‘Beyond Boundaries’ service.
  • We have had Green Key Gold certification since 2010.
  • We have BREEAM certification for our newly renovated property.
  • We are also dedicated to helping several charities (such as Maas Clean Up).
  • Green Team; colleagues from various departments help implement the sustainability program and are ambassadors for promoting sustainability within their own teams.
  • We offer a platform to facilitate discussions on moving towards a sustainable transition.
  • We aim to be a good employer for current and future generations
  • We get involved in energy and water-saving campaigns throughout our organisation.
  • We are making our vehicle fleet greener; at the end of a lease term, we replace a fuel car with an electric company car.
  • We are gradually replacing all the lighting in our building with LED lighting.
  • We procure sustainable products and services where possible.
  • We have charging stations for electric cars.
  • We have 1,050 solar panels installed and are working on increasing this number.
  • We aim to fully electrify the generation of heat in our building using heat pumps and e-boilers. A heat pump is currently being used in the conference centre.
  • We work with our partner L’Ortye to ensure waste is properly separated.
  • We have made a commitment to reducing CO2 46% by 2030 as compared with 2019 figures. We are on our way to becoming a net-zero business in 2050 (SBTi).
  • Our sustainable catering range is in line with Green Key guidelines and is continuously optimised.
  • We use the fewest possible single-use plastics.
  • We prepare a sustainable long-term maintenance plan: we always do our best to arrive at the most sustainable solution.

Maastricht as a sustainable destination

In Maastricht, the aim of creating a healthy and innovative city with a high quality of life for all has brought the city’s sustainability ambitions into line with global sustainable development goals. The Maastricht Convention Bureau, together with conference venues and industry partners, shares this commitment.

Watch how our local partners step up as the driving force behind meaningful change in the events industry in ‘Maastricht Goes Green‘.