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As a MECC Maastricht customer or visitor, you know you’re in good hands. You just sense it. The pleasant realisation that you have entrusted your event to professionals. The confidence that everything is being taken care of. It’s our attention to details that will really surprise you. The thorough preparation and the flawless execution. Whether you are an organiser, exhibitor or visitor. The special experience of providing five-star service is why we do it. We believe in an informal approach. The more personal our contact, the better we can put ourselves in your shoes and figure out exactly what you need from us. This is how we pave the way for your perfect event. After all, isn’t this the goal?

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Organise your conference

For more than three decades, we have been the trusted venue for many international conferences, trade shows and events. Our brand-new conference centre will make it even easier to make our customers’ wishes come true, and meet all their needs. Everything is geared towards elevating our facilities, capabilities and appearance to the highest level.

Organise your exhibition

Onze venue beschikt over veel mogelijkheden voor flexibele configuratie voor het organiseren van een succesvolle publieks- of vakbeurs. Ons gloednieuw en modern congrescentrum kan eenvoudig gecombineerd worden met de drie beurshallen en tevens verbinding maken met de Expo Foyer en Brightlands Foyer. Wij bieden een breed scala aan faciliteiten en services aan om je te helpen bij elke stap bij het organiseren van jouw beurs, vanaf een gedegen voorbereiding tot een vlekkeloze uitvoering. Het is dan ook niet voor niets dat MECC Maastricht al meer dan 30 jaar host is van TEFAF, ‘s werelds meest gerenommeerde kunstbeurs.

Organise your business event

We are happy to help you brainstorm and organize an event that fully meets your specific needs, no matter the size or occasion, such as graduation ceremonies, live events, and sports and private events.

Organise your medical conference

Maastricht, de meest Europese stad van Nederland, zal je verrassen met haar rijke historie en geschiedenis, maar laat je niet misleiden door het oude, want innovatie en wetenschap floreren hier: Maastricht where heart meets matter. MECC Maastricht is al meer dan drie decennia de vertrouwde locatie voor vele medische congressen. Door de intensieve samenwerking met onder meer de Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus, Maastricht Universitair Medisch Centrum (MUMC+), Universiteit Maastricht en Maastricht Convention Bureau biedt MECC Maastricht het ideale platform tot kennisoverdracht en is daardoor leading in meerdaagse, internationale medische congressen.

Organise your hybrid event

Our professional team is ready to guide you from start to finish. The unique combination of our MECC Studio, three event halls, the completely renovated conference centre with two auditoriums and 55 break-out rooms makes MECC Maastricht the perfect location for your live, online or hybrid event.

Organise your seminar

Looking for a location to hold a seminar? We offer space for smaller groups and options for events with several hundred participants. Our energetic staff of creative go-getters are happy to work with you to create the ideal situation for organising a seminar.

Organise your symposium

Looking for a location to hold a symposium? We offer space for smaller groups and options for events with several hundred participants. Our energetic staff of creative go-getters are happy to work with you to create the ideal situation for organising a symposium.

Organise your meeting

Onze 55 splinternieuwe vergaderruimtes zijn van alle gemakken voorzien en bieden multifunctionele mogelijkheden om effectief te vergaderen. Onze ruimtes zijn flexibel in opstelling en inrichting voor zowel kleine als grote groepen.

Organise your event

Each year, we welcome many national and international companies to MECC Maastricht. We have several flexible rooms that are suitable for events such as gala and other dinners, staff parties, product presentations, receptions, and more. Our personal approach, 5-star service, and eye for detail can help elevate any event to the next level.

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