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A spectacle of monumental proportions. More than 100 artists!

“You can destroy everything I have composed so far and what you have printed. My complete oeuvre begins with ‘Carmina Burana’.” Carl Orff

An orchestra, a choir and a ballet … This performance is stunning!

At times subdued, at other times sensuous and full of verve, it forms a veritable fireworks display that delights the audience. With more than a hundred performers, a symphony orchestra, a choir and a ballet, we can speak of a grand event!

In Carmina, the main role is normally played by the choir.

That is why for some it might take some getting used to, but in this performance, the ballet supports the work and adds a more physical, even more sensual dimension!

The first part of the performance is equally strong … Ukrainian star violinist Bogdana Pivnenko performs a wonderful anthology of the most beautiful violin works, ranging from Hans Zimmer’s ‘Schindler’s list’ and ‘Csárdás’ (Monti) to ‘Bésame mucho’ (Consuelo Velasquez) and Mendelssohn’s ‘Opus 34’, as well as a rhapsody dedicated especially to her.

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