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The title of the Spring Congress 2024 is “Psychiatry in Perspective.” Several perspectives come together within this field: patients, relatives and healthcare professionals may have different views on what is involved and what steps should be taken. Also, within both psychiatry and the social domain, they work with various disciplines, each with their own view of the patient and their condition.

The broader mental health perspective of the general population; factors such as poverty, access to care and the effects of climate change can have a significant impact on our mental health is highlighted. To enrich the knowledge, it is essential to consider this subject in the light of national and global developments and collaborate with scientists from other fields for this purpose.

The following keynote speakers will be present:
– Wednesday 10 April: Lisa Page discusses ‘the sustainability of psychiatry’
– Thursday 11 April: David Hill highlights ‘the complex relationships between socioeconomic status, cognitive ability and mental health’
– Friday 12 April: Andrea Cipriani talks about ‘precision psychiatry’

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